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Real and impactful data and analytic solutions
Mikan Associates transforms organizational data into actionable data and analytics. We take a collaborative, shoulder-to-shoulder approach to training and knowledge transfer and achieve measurable results that have a distinct impact in your organization.

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Measurable data and analytic solutions.


Dashboard Design Best Practices: How to Create Effective Visualizations

Hosted by Tableau Software & Mikan Associates Do you know how to choose the right visualization to tell a great data story? In this interactive session, we will provide tips and tricks on data vis... Read More

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Start Your Tableau 9.0 for Free

As a trusted Tableau Partner, Mikan Associates brings to you, a 14-day Tableau trial for free! With Tableau 9.0, you can see and understand your data differently: Faster, easier data discovery work w... Read More

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We can link your data and analytics needs to your overall business strategy—turning actionable insights and impactful solutions into measurable results.

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