Recruit. Retain. Report.

Our pre-built dashboards for the education industry provide insights based on data that can be integrated from hundreds of different data sources, and enables your organization to accomplish the following:

Student Recruiting

Scarce recruiting budgets paired with aggressive recruiting goals means that every recruiting dollar counts and must be maximized. Knowing which students to target will help maximize scarce recruiting dollars and staff time.

Student Retention

Student attrition can have a large, negative impact upon a university’s funding, facilities, planning, and long-term curriculum planning. Learning more about the factors that affect retention and about ways and means of improving retention can help institutions avoid the high costs of high attrition rates. With an increased understanding of the root causes of student attrition and identifying early warning signs, strategies for improving student retention can be devised to enable more students to succeed in reaching their educational goals.

Financial Reporting

Mikan Associates’ customized dashboards for education providers contain insights on key revenue drivers and comprehensive reporting at the group level from general leger to balance sheet and asset management to accounts payable.

Predictive Analytics for Advancement

Universities collect a great deal of student and alumni information. What many don’t realize is that they can use this information to gain valuable insight to improve their advancement efforts. Applying fundraising analytics, such as data mining and predictive modeling, can yield significant cost savings and more productive donor contact.



We can link your data and analytics needs to your overall business strategy—turning actionable insights and impactful solutions into measurable results.

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