Client Success Stories

How a State Hospital Association Transformed Its Informatics Program to Provide Its Members with Amazing Value

Our client the Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA) is a non-profit group that advocates for Illinois’ hospitals and healthcare systems so they can continue to provide the best possible care for their communities. IHA needed to generate visual representations of their claims data to make it easier for people without a background in data analysis to understand. Not only can this solution help reduce readmission rates but it also creates better outcomes for patients.

How a Higher Education Organization Faced the Challenges of a Shrinking Market By Democratizing Their Analytics

A global Higher Education organization has been feeling the push to survive negative public perception, increased regulations, and intense scrutiny from students and the government. Shrinking enrollment rates have been driving the company’s profits and stock price down. If our client wanted to continue to thrive, it was critical for them to prioritize, focus, and evolve their operations.

How a Leading Wealth Management Firm is Scaling and Growing Through Better Architecture and Applications

A private wealth management company, ranked by Forbes in their Top 100 Wealth Managers list, has seen exceptional growth in an industry where many companies are still licking their battle wounds. That growth has made the transparency, which is at the center of their business model, difficult to achieve. To face this challenge, the organization needed a built-from scratch solution that would allow them to maintain their transparency, while scaling their business and changing the way they operate.

How an Iconic Motorcycle Manufacturer is Growing its Brand by Enhancing its Analytics Platforms

Our client is one of the largest and most iconic motorcycle manufacturers  in the United States. They needed a more advanced analytics  reporting platform so they could gain insights that could allow them to grow their brand, increase ridership, increase brand access, and accelerate the impact of their product. 

A Higher Education Organization is Helping the Military Population by Using Analytics

A global Higher Education organization wanted a way to identify at-risk-students and discover predictive factors in the success of a student. This way, they could create effective policies for helping more students graduate, make better decisions, and prioritize advisory contact.

A Leading Medical Association used Predictive Analytics to Improve their Membership Rates

Our client is one of the largest medical associations for physicians and medical students in the United States. They have been feeling the pressure of flat enrollment rates and high-levels of competition from specialty medical associations. To face this challenge, the medical association needed a way to increase their new membership rates and improve their retention rates, in a cost effective manner that produced a positive return on investment (ROI).


Why Take Advantage of SAP BI Upgrade Incentives & Credits Now

SAP is offering incentives and conversion credit to customers like you to upgrade legacy Business Objects and Crystal licensing to the new SAP BI (Business Objects) 4.x.   Upgrade confidently to SAP BI 4.x right now! When you upgrade you’ll gain mobility out-of-the-box for agile and on-the-go insights while acquiring visualizations to shorten your information discovery […]

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