Strategically linking overall business strategy

An organization’s Business Intelligence Strategy should strategically link to the overall business strategy. Each senior Mikan consultant has extensive Data and Analytics experience to help our clients reconnect with their long-term vision; assessing whether they have the right business intelligence tools and processes in place to augment their business strategy.

We recognize that developing a successful Data and Analytics Strategy is not just a technology challenge that a new version of Data & Analytics software can solve. Our recommendations deliver a holistic roadmap of what it will take to align your organization’s business strategy to the technology, people and process changes to be implemented.

A key part of our recommendation is a tangible blueprint for establishing a Data & Analytics Competency Center, as a solid anchor to ensure that your organization’s business strategy and Data & Analytics approach are working towards shared goals. We are successful because we take a collaborative approach to delivering our solutions, providing continuous knowledge transfer that builds trust and long-term partnerships with our clients.

Data and Analytics Assessments

Developing a blueprint that ensures that BI technology is aligned with business objectives is an essential component of delivering an integrated business intelligence approach within a wider business strategy that can adapt to rapidly changing business conditions. The data and analytics assessment will identify gaps between the existing data and analytics solution and business needs, define a roadmap that outlines operational, tactical and strategic priorities, and recommend a starting point that will maximize impact to the business.



We can link your data and analytics needs to your overall business strategy—turning actionable insights and impactful solutions into measurable results.

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