Strategic data management partner

Our clients look to Mikan Associates to be a strategic data management partner, working shoulder-to-shoulder with them to transform their data into business intelligence. Using traditional and next generation Data Management tools, Mikan Associates will assess your information sources and usage against best practices and business needs to recommend explicit steps to reduce complexity, expand capability and improve data quality.

Our consultants will work with you to define a comprehensive Data Management approach that will transform your organization’s data into actionable business intelligence. With our implementations, your organization will extract real business value from your data.

Data Architecture & Modeling

Our data architecture and modeling solutions ensure that critical business data is ready for timely reporting and analysis. We transform complex system data into streamlined designs by working with multiple third-party tools as well as custom code/script development.

Data Integration

Mikan Associates optimize ETL to improve flow of information and ensure accuracy by consolidating data from numerous systems into one easily accessible target system.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing solutions from Mikan Associates focus on supporting accelerated and simplified access for data analysts, consolidating data from across disparate systems, ensuring data accuracy and integrity, and reducing cost by eliminating redundant data silos.

Next Generation Data Management

Mikan Associates has deep expertise in the fast evolving world of Data Management. To handle the volume, variety and velocity of enterprise data, our consultants help clients implement and extend existing data warehousing systems by leveraging next generation technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, SAP HANA and cloud services to deliver powerful data management solutions that can drive analytics and reporting.



We can link your data and analytics needs to your overall business strategy—turning actionable insights and impactful solutions into measurable results.

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