Our end to end Big Data Analytics solutions are designed with the singular purpose of simplifying your ability to unlock valuable insights from your data.  Thanks to the advances in big data processing tools, we can now process unstructured data, whether it’s text, audio or video streaming in real time at unprecedented speeds. Our team of certified big data experts have designed comprehensive end to end solutions to address your most pressing business challenge making it easier for you to harnessing the power of big data analytics at unmatched speed:

Customer Analytics

Our Big Data Customer Solution allows our clients to move from reactive churn management to proactive customer retention.

Risk Analytics

Detect unusual or suspicious patterns in your data and uncover insights that will help you respond proactively to prevent fraud and mitigate loss.

IoT Analytics

Reduce production costs, track inventory and improve efficiency with real time alerts about potential issues on the production line that may impact product quality.



We can link your data and analytics needs to your overall business strategy—turning actionable insights and impactful solutions into measurable results.

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Why Take Advantage of SAP BI Upgrade Incentives & Credits Now

SAP is offering incentives and conversion credit to customers like you to upgrade legacy Business Objects and Crystal licensing to the new SAP BI (Business Objects) 4.x.   Upgrade confidently to SAP BI 4.x right now! When you upgrade you’ll gain mobility out-of-the-box for agile and on-the-go insights while acquiring visualizations to shorten your information discovery […]

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